Trek to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp (Rupal Face) (Free)

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18 August, 2016 12:00 AM

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    Trek to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp (Rupal Face). End your summers with a trip to the heavenly place on earth, Fairy Meadows. Join Memento Photots for the experience of a lifetime. Gear up, introduce yourself to adventure traveling and experience photography like never before. Capture the milky way, create a star trail, long exposure time lapses, hyper lapses and much more. Trip Itinerary: Day 0 Departure from Lahore @ 8:00 pm Day1 Naran @ 7:30 am (Breakfast) Stopovers at Batakundi, Jalkand, Lulusar Lake and Babusar Top Chillas @ 1:00 pm Taj Hotel or Shangrilla @ 2:00 pm (Lunch) Dinner and night stay at Taj hotel Raikot Bridge or Shangrilla Day 2 Breakfast @ 7:00 am Departure @ 8:00 am Raikot Bridge @ 8:30 (Departure for Fairy Meadows on Jeeps) Fairy Meadows @ 1:00 pm (Lunch) Visit to main meadows & sightseeing at fairy meadows Dinner + Bonfire and night stay at Fairy Meadows Day 3 Breakfast @ 7:00 am Departure for Beyal Camp and Base Camp Lunch Beyal Camp Bonfire + BBQ and night stay at Fairy Meadows Day 4 Breakfast @ 7:00 am Departure for Raikot Bridge @ 8:00 am Taj Hotel @ 1:00 pm Lunch Dinner + Night stay in Naran Day 5 Departure @ 8:00 am (After Breakfast) Reach Lahore by 8:00 pm En-route attractions: Babusar top, Lulusar lake, Jalkhand, Boat Rafting in Naran, Trek to Beyal camp Trek to Nanga Parbat North face/ Raikot face Base camp, Bonfire at fairy meadows, Star Gazing at 3000+ meters through Telescope (Fairy meadows) milky way long exposures, photography competition, learn new photography techniques, 2 nights camping 3 time meals (BBQ at Fairy Meadows) 12 700 per person. Discount for groups with 4 people or more

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